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Eagle II
Eagle II
Installed Gate Operator
Installed Gate Operator
Installed Gate Operator
Installed Gate Operator


At IMS we carry Eagle Gate Operators, an industry leading manufacturer. With innovative designs, Best-in Class Warranties and Rugged Durable equipment, you can’t go wrong!

Check out the list below of Gate Operators we carry. There are many to choose from, depending on which type of gate (swing vs. slide), application (commercial vs. residential), weight,and length fit your needs best.

Sliding Gates
Eagle- I 16' or 300 lbs
Eagle -1000 22' or 500lbs
Eagle -1000 DC 22' or 500lbs
Eagle 2000 45' or 1000 lbs
Eagle 2000-1HP 45' or 2000lbs
Eagle 2000- DC 45' or 1200 lbs
Eagle 2000- APT 50' or 2000 lbs
Eagle 2000- APT- 1.5 HP 50' or 2500 lbs
Commercial Overhead
Eagle- OH 22' or 500 lbs
Eagle- OH- 1 HP 22' or 700 lbs
Swinging Gates
Eagle- II  14' or 300 lbs
Residential/ Light Commercial
Eagle- 100 18' or 600 lbs
Eagle- 100 DC 18' or 600 lbs
Eagle - E7 16' or 700 lbs
Eagle - E7- Short 10' or 600 lbs
Eagle 200  20' or 750 lbs
Eagle 200- 1 HP 20' or 1000 lbs
Eagle 200- DC 20' or 800 lbs

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