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Industrial Metal Supply carries various sizes and thicknesses of aluminum tread plate and steel floor plate.  Floor plate, tread plate and diamond plate are all common terms for this material. 


IMS stocks steel floor plate that meets ASTM A786 standards. Steel floor plate is commonly utilized in flooring, stairways, transportation, equipment and structural designs. 


IMS provides aluminum tread plate two alloys 3003 and 6061.  The tread plate comes in three styles: Embossed, 5 Bar, and Tread Brite.  5-bar Tread Plate(3003) defined by its pattern which has five bars crisscrossing rather than regular tread plate which is one bar crisscrossing.  Fire Truck Quality Tread Plate - (3003) was developed and introduced to the market in response to the fire truck industry’s need for a 3003-H22 diamond pattern tread plate with improved brightness and button machining characteristics. FTQ floor plate is provided in flat sheet form only to insure consistency in button shape.  Embossed FTQ Tread Plate (3003) is the same product as Fire Truck Quality tread plate in all characteristics with the exception of the button pattern which has a unique modification to the top surface that creates an improved grip.


Tread Plate Advantages:

·        Durable and weather & corrosive resistant

·        Slip resistant

·        Bright reflective surface and unique decorative appearance

·        Firetruck quality / Meets NFPA Industry Safety Regulations (Embossed only)

Common Tread Plate Applications:

·        Ramps

·        Toolboxes

·        Decorative flooring and walls

·        Vehicle running bars and kick plates

·        Trailers

·        Dock surfaces

·        Stairways


To see the available sizes in Aluminum, search our product selector under Aluminum Sheet.  To see the available sizes in Steel, search our product selector under Steel Plate.

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