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Flush Elbow
Flush Elbow
Ball Fitting
Ball Fitting


Ball Fittings:

Lavi ball fittings are used to construct handrails, footrails, stair rails, bar rails, ballet rails, and many other metal railing systems. The vertical posts of the railings should be made with a continuous architectural metal tube (for strength) while the horizontals are cut and fit with architectural hardware between posts.


Flush Fittings:

A streamed look is achieved with the use of flush hand rail fittings. Lavi's component options ensure simple assembly and flexibility to accommodate any project. Use our line of flush hand rail fittings feature a 1" long sleeve (The longest in the industry) for added strength and adhesive coverage. 


Lavi's flanges provide numerous mounting solutions for railing projects including wall mounting handrails, floor mounting footrail as well as angle, adjustable, socket, square, cut and cubicle mounting for special architectural railing projects.



Lavi architectural hardware provides a unique breadth of decorative hardware brackets for mounting metal railings in all kinds of settings.


End Caps & Finials:

Lavi features a variety of decorative and functional rail end caps and finials to complete your railing project. Our end caps and finials are designed to provide a beautiful finishing touch to your Lavi handrail, footrail, stair railing, kitchen rail system, or other architectural metal railing project. 


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