• Weight Each(#): N/A
  • Size(T): 12.5 ft torch
  • Air cooled size 17FV single-piece torch and consumables.
  • Uses 7 pin connector designed For Forney MP style machines.
  • Integrated gas line with valve on handle.
  • When using this torch, amperage is controlled locally on the machine and the trigger is on/off.
  • An optional foot pedal will allow control of amperage remotely.
  • 150 Amp capacity.
  • Electrode range: .020 - 3/32" (0.5-2.4mm).
  • 25 Dinse connection.
  • Compatible with 200 Amp and under machines with a size 25 Dinse connection.
  • Includes: 12.5' torch with 1/8" collet and tungsten electrode, size #7 nozzle, 5/8" connector, and 36" gas hose.
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