TS Ironworks, Phoenix Customer

IMS Customer Spotlight: TS Iron Works 

In this post, Industrial Metal Supply highlights another loyal customer of the Phoenix location.

Industrial Metal Supply’s Phoenix customer, TS Iron Works, LLC, is located in Queen Creek, Arizona.

TS Iron Works is a small machine shop with three employees, headed by Travis Rupp.

“We do mostly commercial welding and fabrication, and we do CNC plasma cutting in-house,” Rupp said. “We’ve got a big 5 ft. X 10 ft. cutting table that we use to run everything from stainless to aluminum to steel.”

How did TS Iron Works first connect with IMS?

“Before this, I worked for Key Tech International and we bought through IMS off and on,’ Rupp said. “Then I left Key Tech and started my own business about seven years ago.”

After meeting Roger Cundick (Phoenix IMS General Manager) three years ago, TS Iron Works has done business exclusively with IMS.

“I work with Roger directly, or with Jon Carden (Inside Sales) or the sales office, calling in my quotes and orders,” Rupp said.

For their plasma cutting work, TS Iron Works buys a lot of sheet steel, mostly plate, in a variety of sizes.

The company also orders quite a lot of tubing, angle iron, and other metal, and has it all cut to size at IMS.

What appeals to you most about working with IMS?

“I’ve worked with all the big metal companies here in Phoenix, and Roger at IMS has given me by far the best customer service out of anybody,” Rupp said. “I even order structural iron and beams from Roger and pay the higher price just to buy it from IMS, because I’d rather I’d rather pay more to get their customer service.”

For example, Rupp takes advantage of the brokering services provided by IMS.

“A lot of the big structural stuff we use is not a stocked item at IMS here in Phoenix, but Roger orders it out for me,” he said.

“IMS has gone above and beyond for me a couple times on last minute orders that I needed right away, and I’ve even had them bring an order out in a pickup truck just to get it to me in time,” Rupp said.

A two-way partnership

IMS also buys parts from TS Iron Works, which makes for a great business relationship.
“I make a couple of different things, like a heavy duty weld-on gate latch that IMS now carries in all its stores,” Rupp said. “We’re actually working on an order for about 105 of them we’re building right now. I’m just really happy working with IMS and hoping to stick it out for a long time here,” Rupp said.

For photos and updates on TS Iron Works products, such as a 16-ft. custom 3-D metal sign with LED backlighting for Greenfield Acres, visit the TS Iron Works page on Facebook.

“Everything we build and every single thing on our Facebook page is made with metal from IMS,” Rupp said.

We hope that stories like these from our customers will inspire you to check out Industrial Metal Supply products and services.

Grate Solutions Joe Fischer, Phoenix Customer

IMS Customer Spotlight: Grate Solutions

In this post, Industrial Metal Supply highlights just one of our many loyal customers.

Grate Solutions, a supplier of heavy duty highway gratings and other storm drain metals, is supplied by Industrial Metal Supply’s Phoenix location. Grate Solutions employees 18 people, with three mobile trucks on the road doing installations in and around Phoenix, and throughout Arizona.

What products and services does Grate Solutions provide?

In addition to gratings and storm drains, Grate Solutions builds and installs:

  • Bridge pedestrian rails
  • Guardrails
  • Catch basin frames
  • Trash racks
  • Scuppers
  • Manhole frames & covers
  • Safety posts

The company also provides mandrel bending, welding, custom hole cutting, plasma cutting, painting, galvanizing, powder coating, and sand blasting services.

How did Grate Solutions first connect with IMS?

“Roger Cundick, the general manager at IMS Phoenix, reached out to me a few years ago and said they were interested in carrying the products that I buy regularly,” said Joe Fischer, President of Sales and Operations at Grate Solutions.

“Roger is a great guy and I typically work directly with him, but I also work with Jon Carden (Inside Sales) and Johnny Grumm (Outside Sales),” Fischer said.

Which IMS products does Grate Solutions rely on most?

To make the grates, the company uses quite a bit of ½-in. thick flat bar steel, anywhere from 2 inches to 6 inches in width, and also a lot of angle iron, up to ½-in. thick, and 2 inches to 6 inches on a leg. They sometimes use specialized services from IMS to cut bars to size with a band saw.

What keeps Grate Solutions coming back to IMS?

“Price and service from IMS has been impeccable,” Fischer said. “For hard-to-find things, sometimes it takes a couple days, but Roger’s been able to take care of pretty much everything I’ve needed.”

According to Fischer, IMS has even come through for Grate Solutions in a pinch.

“There have been a couple of times we’ve forgotten to order things, and I’ve called Roger and he’s had them there later that day,” he said. “I’ve even texted Roger on a Saturday, and he has sent an order to me on Monday morning – so he’s gone well above and beyond for us.”

We hope that by connecting with customers such as Grate Solutions and hearing their stories, you will be inspired to check out all the products and services Industrial Metal Supply has to offer.

Office Design Inspirations

Sheet metal décor can bring a whole new look to office interiors. When looking for industrial office design inspiration, consider the many creative ways that metal sheet and pipe can be used.


Lightweight aluminum is the ideal sheet metal material for a wide variety of architectural applications, including wall panels, stairways, and more. Aluminum privacy panels, either plain or perforated, can give a modern, clean look to industrial office décor.

Aluminum diamond or tread plate provides traction on stairs and protection for walls and columns. Pre-painted aluminum sheet offers a hard, abrasive-resistant coating that can be extensively formed and fabricated.

Steel Chic

Steel is the classic industrial office design material, used for everything from shelves, window frames, and air-ducts, to walls, floors and ceilings. Steel combines well with wood and glass, and can support ultra-modern, mid-century, eclectic, and almost any other style.

Steel pipe and sheet can be used for light fixtures, desks, chairs, and other furniture. Steel accessories, such as planters, door hardware, towel bars, and coat hooks carry through the industrial design scheme.

Corrugated Steel

For a more traditional style, use corrugated sheet for a backsplash or line an island in the company kitchen – or lend a rustic look to an outdoor bar, complete with a corrugated “tin roof.” Bathrooms are an excellent place to incorporate corrugated metal sheet on stalls, backsplashes, and shower enclosures.

Use corrugated sheet as wainscoting in a lobby or entrance area, or to line the half-wall around a staircase opening. You can use galvanized or Galvalume sheet to prevent rusting, or go with plain steel corrugated sheet that has been rusted in the open air.

Embossed and textured sheet

Deep-textured, three-dimensional, Rigidized® embossed and textured sheet in a variety of metals and patterns adds the perfect design touch for industrial office projects. The deep-texturing process enhances the durability and beauty of metal sheet, while adding strength, impact resistance, and the ability to hide scratches. Textured sheet also eliminates glare, which can be a critical design factor.

Rigidized sheet is available in stainless steel, copper, and brass – in a wide range of finishes and patterns. These materials can add drama to an office wall, floor, ceiling, or countertop.

Click here for more information on the wide range of metals available for industrial office décor.

Highlighting the Work of Metal-Based Artists

Artistic sculpture made of industrial metals such as steel and copper sheet is becoming more and more popular, for use in both modern and traditional architectural settings. The following artists have honed their craftsmanship to design stunningly beautiful works of metal art that adorn tables, gardens, fountains, and interior and exterior walls.

Repoussé and Chasing Technique

Sculptor and metalsmith Jeremy Maronpot creates freestanding objects and wall sculptures depicting natural objects – such as a honeycomb, maple leaves, or a cat – as well as organic abstract designs. Maronpot specializes in the repoussé and chasing technique, which involves hammering a sheet of metal from both sides to create a texture or low relief.

metal artwork by Jeremy Maronpot

A six-foot tall structure in North Carolina from Jeremy Maronpot

His creations include a woodland gate of hand-forged steel pipe shaped like branches welded together in a floating design. The pipes were hammered in, to give them the texture of bark, and then allowed to rust for a more natural feel.

Metal and Glass – With a Twist

Paul Hill uses industrial metal to create sculpture that echoes nature, but with a twist. His giant glowing green glass Venus flytrap leaves loom high above street level on tall corten steel stems.

Paul Hill industrial metal sculpture

A riveted cattle skull in polished aluminum sports a pair of copper patina horns.

Hill used silicon bronze with a Jax patina to create a fountain commissioned for a farming corporation featuring a giant human hand holding a 4-ft. tall baby chick that has just hatched from its shell.

Gifts from Nature

Metalsmith Elizabeth Goluch designs exquisite, larger-than life metal sculptures of insects and other objects from nature. Gold, silver, enamel and gemstones are all incorporated in the construction, with obvious rivets and articulated body parts, The life-like details show the artist’s love of the natural world.

Some are fashioned into jewelry, such as brooches and rings, but most are standalone sculptures that conceal a tiny treasure within.

“Ladybug, ladybug fly away home,

Your house is on fire and your children are gone,

All except one, And her name is Ann,

And she hid under the frying pan.”

Metal ladybug by Elizabeth Goluch

For example, a beautiful 5.5-inch long creation opens up to reveal a miniature gold house – which itself opens up to show a ladybug and a doll-sized frying pan:

Fine Metal Art

Nicholas Yust, a fine metal artist, specializes in unique handmade original and signature series metal sculptures in an ultra-modern style for home and office interiors. His offerings include wall hangings and free standing sculptures in panels and geometric shapes.

fine metal art by Nicholas Yust

Yust uses steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze, with both natural metal finishes and vibrant painted finishes.

The artist hand-selects the alloys for his creations to ensure environmental friendliness, as well as durability for indoor and outdoor placement. He adds signature decorative grind patterns to each individual piece, to utilize the reflection of light within the setting.


7 Amazing Things Made from Bronze

Like brass, bronze is an alloy primarily made of copper. But where brass combines copper with zinc, bronze is made of copper and tin, often mixed with small amounts of other metals and non-metallic elements, such as lead and silicon.

By combining soft copper with brittle tin, the result is an alloy with improved strength and hardness. Bronze is also mon-magnetic, corrosion resistant, and exhibits good thermal and electrical conductivity.

Bronze is sold in the form of tubes & rods, ingots or sheet. Two main types of bronze sheet – silicon bronze sheet and bearing bronze sheet – can be found in a variety of industrial applications. Silicon bronze sheet is relatively easy to machine, while working bearing bronze sheet requires more fabrication expertise.

Silicon bronze (C65500) is a low-lead brass alloy that is generally composed of 96% copper, along with silicon and possibly small amounts of manganese, tin, iron, or zinc. It is known for its easy pouring ability and attractive surface finish, as well as a superior corrosion resistant makeup, even when submerged in liquids including salt water, fresh water, most acids and organic chemicals.

Bearing bronze (C93200) also offers high corrosion resistance, as well as excellent wear resistance and high hardness. As the name suggests, bearing bronze sheet is most often used for bearings, bushings, and similar applications.

The many beneficial characteristics of bronze make it useful for a wide range of applications, including:

Springs – Phosphor bronze precision-grade wire is used to form compression springs and electrical contacts. Its corrosion resistance, high strength, and low coefficient of friction, make it a popular substitute for costlier alloys, such as beryllium copper.

Marine architecture – With its high corrosion resistance, high strength, and natural lubricity, bronze is ideal for use in saltwater and freshwater applications, such as engine parts, pumps, propellers, and ship’s bells.

Industrial castings – Bronze is relatively easy to machine and pour for castings and results in components, such as pumps and valve stems, which can withstand high wear and abrasion. Silicon bronze also has self-lubricating qualities which make it ideal for bearings and bushings in a wide range of applications, including small electric motors and automobile transmissions.

Sculpture – Bronze has been used to make beautiful works of art in many cultures for centuries. When silicon was introduced to the alloy mix in the 20th century, silicon bronze became the primary form used in sculpture.

Musical instrument strings – Bronze wound strings are used for acoustic guitars, pianos, and traditional instruments like the sitar. Bronze windings around steel or nylon cores provide a much warmer sound than other metals, especially for lower notes.

Safety tools – Steel tools such as hammers, mallets and wrenches, can cause unsafe sparks when used near flammable or explosive gases and vapors. Bronze is non-magnetic and spark-free, making it a much safer choice for preventing arc flash in hazmat areas.

Bronze wool – As a substitute for steel wool, bronze wool is used to polish and sand wood and metal surfaces. Because it resists corrosion and doesn’t shed like steel wool – leaving particles that could cause electrical shorts – bronze wool is ideal for industrial, construction, and marine applications and won’t leave stains on wood.  
Questions? Industrial Metal Supply stocks a variety of silicon bronze and bearing bronze materials. We stock bronze in all forms: 

VIDEO: How To Build Your Own Welding Table

Our friend Joe Mooney of Homesteadonomics building a Welding Table / Multifunctional workbench for his shipping container shop. He plans on using this welding table/workbench for more than just welding so there’s added functionality. It will likely be a multipurpose workbench for many of his projects and will help out a lot for the next few shipping container shop additions!

We (Industrial Metal Supply Co.) partnered with Joe on this How-To DIY project by supplying some of the steel for this build! Shop our inventory, check our store locations or get quotes online here.