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Books & Videos

IMS offers the largest selection of metalworking, welding and reference books around. Plus a nice selection of “How To” videos regarding welding, Patinazation and wrought iron installation are also in every retail store.

If you are in need of a metal working book or video we are your best resource. All of our five retail stores offer the largest selection of metalworking, welding and ironwork books you will find in one place. In addition to books we also offer "how-to" videos and DVDs about welding, patination and wrought iron installation.

With over a dozen books focused solely on ironwork, the specific topics include architecture, art nouvea and art deco, as well as books that focus on design of gates, stairways, fencing and balconies.

The types of welding-focused books include pocket handbooks talking about arc-welding and weld inspections, as well as books on general welding and welding examinations.

IMS boasts one of the largest patina product supplies in the Southwest. Not only do all our retail stores stock the patinas, metals solvents and dyes, but we have a broad selection of books and DVDs on the techniques for patination of bronze, brass, copper, iron, steel and aluminum.